On November 18, The Radisson Blu Iveria was hosting the EBRD BAS tenth anniversary in Georgia. AlterGroup participated in the event as first consulting firm in Georgia with ten years of the working experience with EBRD BAS. EBRD BAS support is essential for sustainable growth, both on enterprise and the market development level. Industries to be supported include agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, trade, tourism. AlterGroup projects in Corporate Strategy Creation, Marketing, Corporate Restructuring, Human Resources Management during 2005-2015 include: Movie Theatre Amirani reorganization, HR development Royal District Theatre marketing Strategy, sales promotion Radio Ucnobi FM organizational structure development, HR, Coca Cola Georgia, corporate restructuring, IQ/OPQ Testing, Dental Clinics Chain Newdent strategic planning, website development International Art Festival organizational development, marketing research Retail shop G FOX website creation, fashion show for website Publishing House SIESTA corporate restructuring, HR management Art Gallery Chardin - market research, competition analyses,web-site creation Sea Side Hotel marketing strategy, web-site creation Touristic Firm Deka Travel marketing research, marketing strategy, corporate web-site creation .